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“KCG  Corporation” started its business in Thailand since 1958. Initially established as Kim Chua Trading Ltd., Partnership, KCG focused on importing and retailing food products such as butter, cheese, and canned goods.

In 1972, KCG established its first production facility known as United Dairy Foods Co., Ltd. (Bangna) on Bangna-Trad Road. KCG received technological support from PDS Co., Ltd.– the producer of Allowrie butter at that time. PDS supported KCG throughout the construction planning phase while also providing professionals to advise regarding know how during the early years of production. United Dairy Foods eventually expanded its product line to a greater diversity of food and dairy products. Amongst these include margarine, jam, jelly, pasteurized milk, flour mixes, maraschino cherries, syrup, and honey.

In 1985, KCG established Imperial General Foods Industry, Co., Ltd. – its second production facility. The factory is located on a 42-rai property in the Bangplee district of Samutprakan. KCG’s facility expansion served the objective of supporting rapid business and market growth. Imperial General Foods Industry produces cookies, biscuits, crackers, wafers, baked goods, sugar cubes, and other premium products under advanced technologies. All products undergo high-standard production under meticulous inspection to guarantee the best quality produce for consumers.

KCG founded United Dairy Farm Co., Ltd. in 1988. Located on Mittraphab Road of Klang Dong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, the farm raises over 150 cattle and dairy cows in a 300-rai property. Over 20 tons of fresh milk is produced daily, serving as raw materials for United Dairy Foods, which pasteurizes the milk and utilizes certain portions for yogurt production. The final products serve the market demand of the food service sector, while also supporting the Thai government’s project to provide fresh milk for students nationwide.


In the same year, KCG gained collaborative efforts from Co-Ro Foods A/S, a Danish firm which supported KCG’s production of Sunquick fruit juice concentrate. The joint efforts were implemented under the entity of Imperial Specialty Foods Co. Ltd. Sunquick rapidly gained popularity and acceptance from Thai consumers, appealing to the health-conscious preferences of the market. The brand offers a variety of selections for consumers, including orange juice, mandarin orange juice, blackcurrant juice, red berry juice, and mixed fruit juice.

In 2007, KCG founded Imperial Bakery Equipment Co., Ltd. to import and retail premium bakery equipments   of European standard in the Thai market. The imported equipment belongs to the premium Taiwanese brand of Sunmate, consisting of ovens, batter beaters, and many more.

KCG established the Imperial Bakery and Food Culinary School (IBAF) in 2008, under the approval of the Thai Ministry of Education. IBAF provides culinary education both for baked goods and gourmet cooking, under the guidance of highly experienced chefs. The school sought to develop professionals to excel in the bakery and culinary business, while encouraging family interaction through hands-on cooking experience under high-standard facilities.

In 2009, Imperial Bakery Equipment was selected by San Neng Corporation (Taiwan) to be the sole importer and retailer of its Bakeware products in Thailand, bolstering KCG’s competency in the bakery business.

Kim Chua Trading Limited, Partnership  registered to become Kim Chua Group Company Limited on 1 April 2011. This significant transformation was coupled by a new design of the company’s trademark, reflecting KCG’s dedication for business and organizational development on both national and international levels. KCG Kim Chua Group strives for product innovation with excellent quality, satisfying international standards and maintaining the trust instilled by partners and customers throughout its 55 years of operation.

KCG recently established the second facility of United Dairy Foods in 2012, located on Theparak Road of Bangplee district, Samutprakan. Constructed on a 20-rai property, the facility produces butter, margarine, and cheese to boost production capacity for satisfying the growing demand and capitalizing on market opportunities of AEC 2015. The facility contains highly advanced technology and capital for production, all of which are adopted from overseas. These facility characteristics boost KCG’s production capacity by 8,000 tons per year. The second facility of United Dairy Foods contains a production site with an area of approximately 10,000 square meters. The site holds a warehouse and 19 product loading areas for distribution by small and large-sized trucks. The facility also encompasses the KCG Excellence Center, which is the research and development center of KCG Kim Chua Group. Residential areas for the company’s staffs are also provided within the facility. The factory is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, GMP, HACCP, HAL – Q, and HALAL standards.

In order to increase the efficiency and business competitiveness in the market, on 1st January  2014, Kim Chua Group Co., Ltd.”  internally re-organized the business. Moreover, the Company also re-registered  as KCG  Corporation Co., Ltd.”  together with all affiliates as the details below:

  • Imperial General Foods Industry, Co., Ltd.  Renamed KCG  Corporation, Co., Ltd. (Bangplee Branch)”  
  • United Dairy Food, Co., Ltd.(Bangna Branch)  Renamed  KCG  Corporation, Co., Ltd. (Bangna Branch)”  
  • United Dairy Food, Co., Ltd.(Theparak Branch)  Renamed  KCG  Corporation, Co., Ltd. (Theparak Branch)”  
  • United Dairy Farm, Co., Ltd.  Renamed KCG  Corporation, Co., Ltd. (Fresh Milk Business Unit)”  
  • Imperial Bakery and Food Culinary School (IBAF) and Imperial Bakery Equipments Co., Ltd.  Renamed KCG  Corporation, Co., Ltd. (Sukhumvit 64)”  
  • Distribution Center  Chiang Mai BranchRenamed  KCG  Corporation, Co., Ltd. (Chiang Mai Branch)”  
  • Distribution Center  Khon Kaen BranchRenamed  KCG  Corporation, Co., Ltd. (Khon Kaen Branch)”